domingo, 6 de enero de 2013

Steglitz: Urban art & odd buildings, outside "the ring"

Some people believe there's nothing interesting "outside the ring" but actually Berlin has many surprises for you, further than you may think. I like to walk around western districts such as Steglitz where there is no "hipe", just german people, and places for german people. They are the perfect place for a Sunday-morning-walk far from the noise of "inside-ring", gentrified districts.

So I woke up for a 5 kilometer walk from Bayerischer Platz - where I live - to the weird "Bierpinsel" (a strange, futuristic building from the 70's which used to be a restaurant, now closed). From Innsbrucker Platz, I took "Hauptstrasse" all the way down, finding all sort of interesting shops (like Pasculli's bikes)...

... and restaurants (never been to a croatian one!).

The "Bierpinsel" appeared in front of me and I took some pictures of it.

But the biggest surprise was inside "Schlosstrasse" U-Bahn. I found the whole station full of cool graffiti! And the station itself was quite quirky.

You can find this station in line U9, 3 stops away from the ring. The "Bierpinsel" is right outside of it.

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