martes, 22 de enero de 2013

Heinrich-Heine-Straße: Drinking in a bus

First thing you notice when you go outside Heinrich-Heine-Straße if you come from the West is that you already entered East Berlin. Soviet buildings and factories surrounding Köpenicker Straße recalling older times. (If you can, walk down Michaelkirchstraße until you reach Oranienstraße. You need not to know where the former border of the wall was: you'll notice by just taking a look around).

I like to think of Heinrich-Heine-Straße as the gate to East Berlin. From there, plenty of interesting things arise (if you are into big parties, you must already know about Kater Holzig). But this blog is about "hidden" things and so I want to talk about a bar that was "hidden" to me until for some reason I realized that "it was just there". The bar is called Republik Frank und Frei and it's more than a biergarten: it has a fully functional, double-decker, drinking bus where you can chill out while drinking your favourite thing. Rather small at first sight, but don't be shy: the ambiance is always very nice, and the barman in there too.

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