viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

A journey into Asian cuisine, in Schöneberg

It is well-known that Berlin has many Asian food places, and that some of them are really good. Today I will show my favorite Asian places around where I live, and I truly recommend visiting each of them if you really like Asian food, even if you don't live close to the neighborhood.

"Chay Village": The "healthy Thai". This is my favorite place. Food which is always prepared with care, the intimate ambiance of a small venue which makes you feel like home. No meat here, only "healthy food". Dishes between 6 and 8 EUR.

"Flying fish sushi": The "intimate sushi place". In Berlin you can eat sushi almost everywhere. However, myself, being a demanding sushi freaky, have only eaten at a couple of "proper" sushi places... This is one of them. The nice and friendly guy in there will prepare you one of the best sushi you've ever eaten. And with just a bunch of wood tables you'll feel like home too.

"Yogi haus": Looks like a "typical Berlin Indian" place, but it is actually a typical Indian place in Berlin. Indian food which really says something. Food gets even better for dinner, specially if you ask for special menus.

Tip: All these places are around "Eisenacher Strasse" U7.

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